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カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  子猫ラムセスがモスクワへ行く  Heather Hermit 

  エジプトのカイロで暮らしているロシア人のデザイナー、ヘザー・ハーミット(Heather Hermit)さんは路上で死にかけた猫を見つけました。その子猫にしばらくエサと薬を与えた後、動物病院に連れて行きました。ラムセスという高貴な名前をもらった子猫の動物病院での治療が始まりました。以下は、彼女の記録です。 
An update about the cat. 
I haven’t seen Ramses since April. He’s totally healthy now and looks great. The fur is white and clean, he became a gorgeous white cat. Such a great transformation! He finished all the treatment and vaccinations, so I took him home for one night. 
Looked like he did not want to leave the clinic where he had so many friends among the cats. Ramses looked quite frightened and two of my cats (The Beast and Sekhmet) were also stressed to see a stranger in their house. All the three cats were hissing at each other. 
Ramses had a flight to Moscow on 7 June to his new home, but till the very last moment I was not sure if he will be able to fly or not as his passport and all the documents were still not ready. But finally shortly before the flight we received all the papers. 
When I tried to put him in the cage to go to the airport he was extremely frightened, maybe thinking that I was going to take him back to the street where I found him. He was fighting and biting like crazy and bit my fingers so that his lovely white fur was covered with my blood. 
The flight was good, he was sleeping on the plane and was silent all the way to Moscow. Now he is having a rest in his new home. Preparing for the new page of his life. 
※ラムセス ( Ramses ) 
Heather Hermit ( Irina Goryacheva ) 
■カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  動物病院  Heather Hermit 
■カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  死にかけていた子猫 Heather Hermit 
■カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  Heather Hermit 
■カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  美猫コンテスト Heather Hermit 
■カイロの猫たちの記録( Cat in Cairo " The Beast ")  子猫ラムセスの不安  Heather Hermit 
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